The Great Photo Escape » It's not a workshop, it's an adventure.


Next Escape: July 2016
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What is the Great Photo Escape?


There truly is nothing like travel, and there’s no greater sense of inspiration and drive than a good ol’ adventure. Most people (us crazy busy wedding photogs included) don’t like to travel alone, plan international trips, and are a little afraid of taking that leap and booking a plane ticket to somewhere crazy- especially if no one else is on board to go with them.

This is where the Great Photo Escape steps in. It’s something that can bring wedding photographers and artists together to travel in a safe, fun, friendly group- that can be a source of inspiration and learning, a building block for their business, and a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience.

Workshops are amazing and they have so much purpose, but this isn’t a workshop. It’s an adventure. You learn alongside your peers through exploration, new experiences, breathtaking scenery, gorgeous styled shoots, and most importantly…by stepping out of your comfort zone to create work that inspires you.

Travel is the greatest teacher.



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Caitlin Kellagher
Creator, Photographer

Caitlin is a wedding and portrait photographer currently located on the east coast, but you won’t find her there unless she’s shooting a wedding. When she’s not photographing couples in love in the US, she’s traveling around the world with a backpack stuffed with clothes and giant camera bag on her side!

Caitlin created The Great Photo Escape to allow wedding photographers to experience a new type of learning- one that doesn’t involve powerpoints and notes, but instead hands on experience and cooperative learning.