The Great Photo Escape » It's not a workshop, it's an adventure.

WOOHOO! Registration is now open and we are SO excited to see who will be joining us on the very first Great Photo Escape in 2016! I am blown away by the response and so excited to see how many of you are ready to explore the world together. I’m extra excited today because we’re announcing TWO MORE ESCAPES for 2016!!

New Zealand will be held from January 12-21, 2016. Hop over to Registration now to sign up! Spots are VERY limted!



Oahu + Maui
February 2016


Reykjavik + Vik
July 2016

These trips are going to be INSANEEE and the itinerary is going to be too much fun. Like the New Zealand escape, there will be a styled shoots, escursions, and a ton of incredible sites to see!

Registration for these two dates will be announced shortly- so keep an eye out for those times!

If you’ve been following me along on my last year of business as a wedding photographer, you’ll know that all of a sudden, I became addicted to travel. If I wasn’t shooting a wedding, I was figuring out how to see a new country or city. Between the months of April 2014 and January 2015, I had been on 4 different continents, over 15 different countries, and dozens of cities. The craziest part- before that, I only had one stamp in my passport.

There truly is nothing like travel, and I’ve never felt a greater sense of inspiration and drive from my adventures. With that being said, I’ve always done my trips with either one other photographer or by myself. I’d get comments, texts, and emails from other friends and photographers saying that they WISH they could do what I’m doing. With every trip, I wanted to just shout to everyone, “STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BOOK A TRIP SOMEWHERE because YOU CAN do what I’m doing.” But I then realized that most people don’t like to travel alone, they don’t like to plan, and they’re a little afraid of taking that leap and booking a plane ticket to somewhere crazy.

2015-01-30_0002PINWith all these thoughts running through my mind, I decided to start something epic. Something that would bring wedding photographers together to travel in a safe, fun group- that would be a source of inspriation and learning, a building block for their business, and an overall once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience: The Great Photo Escape.

Workshops are amazing and they have so much purpose, but this isn’t a workshop. It’s an adventure. You learn alongside your peers through exploration, new experiences, breathtaking scenery, gorgeous styled shoots, and most importantly…by stepping out of your comfortzone to create work that inspires you.

Travel is the greatest teacher. Now take the leap and join us on The Great Photo Escape!